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Odegaard Financial is the culmination of many years of planning, education and experience by the firms Founder, Tracy R. Odegaard, CFP, ChFC. Beginning with a simple yet valuable position with a life insurance company in 1988, Tracy has built the Odegaard Financial firm from the experiences he has had as a Personal Financial Planner, Training Manager, and District Manager with one of the largest financial planning companies in the United States. Odegaard Financial clients continue to have their financial life impacted today through the experience Tracy has gained as a National Consultant Trainer to hundreds of Financial Advisors throughout the United States as well as his Senior Vice President position with a national securities firm headquartered in Orlando, Florida. 

The ongoing focus of the advisors is to engage in long-term financial advisory relationships with advisor-receptive investors. Although education, knowledge, and experience cannot guarantee any financial result, Odegaard Financial believes these factors are essential when selecting a financial partner. With over 60 years of combined experience in the financial service industry, the professional team at Odegaard Financial is qualified to be your financial partner and would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your financial life.

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We know that most people are either looking for financial comfort or seeking financial stability. Odegaard Financial wants to help you in those financial endeavors and be a part of pursuing your financial dreams. It is never too early or too late to start your financial plan.  Odegaard Financial is here to assist because some things are too big to do on your own.

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